Show Yr Body Love!

Though Love Your Body Day is officially Wednesday the 17th of October this year, Brown celebrated their LYBD today, organized by Students for Choice! SHEEC had a table, along with other Brown and community organizations (Brown Health Education, SHAG, the Queer Alliance, the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center, Feminists at Brown, Psychological Services, Planned Parenthood, RI NOW, Comprehensive Allyship Network, the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, and Sojourner House).

In order to participate in Love Your Body Day/Domestic Violence Awareness Month and raise funds for Sojourner House, a local advocacy and resource center for domestic violence, we’re going to have Love Your Body Photo Shoots.  We’ll offer sessions of about 10-15 minutes, where we essentially take pics of favorite body parts.  We’ll have people pick their favorite body part(s), draw a heart (we’ll have different color body paints, markers, and glitter), we take pics, then have them printed.  The pics will be matte BW and the heart will stay in color.  We’re going to print the pics, which will be relatively inexpensive.  If possible, we’ll also have some sort of exhibit in a physical space. If not, then we’ll definitely display them online.
Here are the prices:
5×7 1/$4 or 3/$10
8×10 1/$6
For more information, email!

The Blue Rose: A Spoken Word Showcase to Break the Silence on Abuse!


It’s time to SPEAK OUT!  

April is National Sexual Abuse and Child Abuse Awareness Month. Join SHEEC as we present a powerful Spoken Word Showcase that brings these issues out into the open. Only the abusers value our silence and isolation, so now it is time to BREAK the SILENCE around child and sexual abuse. 

On Thursday, April 12th at 8pm in List 120 (64 College Street), a group of powerful poets will be sharing their stories with you, with open arms to Male Survivors as patrons and poets.  The goal is to keep the dialogue open, keep telling our stories, and enCOURAGE others to tell theirs.  

Society has made victims and survivors feel “dirty”, “ashamed”, “embarrassed” and “afraid” of the abuse they have endured. Let’s promote support for survivors! Talking about the abuse will help remove the stigma attached to it for the victims. It’s time to take away the power of the abusers and put it in the hands, minds and hearts of the survivors!

April is just the beginning! 

Showcase Appearances by: Toni Rose, Pat Martin-Rossi, Amy Doran, Christopher Johnson, Porsha O, Claudia Wilson, Michaelle Santil, Neiel Israel, Quentin Lucas and other guest poets. 

The event will take place on THURSDAY, APRIL 12th at 8 pm in LIST 120 (64 College Street). You will leave the show entertained, enlightened, encouraged, empowered, and informed. This is NOT an event you want to miss!

The event is FREE, but donations are *encouraged*. These will go toward Sojourner House, a local domestic violence agency that was founded by Brown students 35 years ago!