Spoon Me, Fork Me: An Evening of Sensual Pleasures

(photo by Ben Fink, in The New InterCourses book)

Come to a delicious evening of sensual pleasures!

(PLEASE RSVP to brownsheec@gmail.com, though drop-ins are welcome. We just want to know how many people approx. plan on attending!)

Learn how to please lovers in bed with a workshop by Megan Andelloux focusing on the art of oral sex (a combination of Fabulous Fellatio and Female Sexual Pleasure), then partake in a delicious selection of hors d’oeuvres (based on traditional aphrodisiacs) and chocolate fondue to stimulate your palate. We’ll have a raffle and finish off the evening with a foreign film that beautifully synthesizes the magical qualities of sex, food, and sensuality (Like Water for Chocolate). Certainly an evening not to miss!


8-10: workshop with Megan Andelloux **during which we’ll hand out the raffle tickets!**
10-11: raffle, food-tasting, and other magical wonders
11-1: Like Water for Chocolate movie screening




  • raspberry iced-tea
  • lemon iced water

Seductive Starters:

  • mini beef wellington with demi glace sauce
  • asparagus wrapped prosciutto and boursin
  • 5 spice duck on sweet potato cakes
  • onion tart
  • 3 mushroom pizza
  • fig, honey and goat cheese

Delectable Desserts:

  • chocolate fondue station
  • strawberries, bananas, pineapple, pretzels, marshmallows
  • sugar cookies and biscotti


This event is a collaboration between SHEEC, the Brown Epicurean Society, and the Gender and Sexuality Studies DUG. We also want to thank Fascinations (www.funlove.com) for donating The New Intercourses, Kama Sutra Closet for donating the Oysters & Chocolate book, and Intimate Organics for donating their body products.

We’ll have condoms available at the event, as usual. This time, the variety will include Sir Richard’s condoms–a new, innovative condom company and brand with a commitment to social justice.

Updates for Spring 2011

This blog has been a bit quiet (well, very quiet, honestly), but get excited because it’s going to get hot and heavy once more! Spring 2011 promises to be ridiculously amazing and event-packed. To start off, let’s update you on what we did Fall 2010, and then move onto some of the immediate updates for Spring 2011.

We had 3 events with Sequoia Redd (if you missed them, check her blog for the reprinted materials & outlines!):

And we were also involved with World AIDS Day programming.

For Spring, we can’t let you know exactly what we’re cooking just yet, BUT here are some tidbits to tantalize you:

  • We were selected as a GACC Safe-Site for the Spring 2011! Hurrah! Expect lots of Trojan condoms.
  • We have 2 listservs which you can join: one for updates about SHEEC events and relevant stuff, and one for those who want to help organizing the events (more high-traffic than the former). Check ’em out here.
  • Sex Week 2011 (March 13-19) is shaping up super nicely. Block off that entire week for SO MUCH FABULOUS STUFF. Even if you’re not a Brown student, you’re going to want to come. Again. And again. Most (if not all) our events are open to the public, so take advantage of these unique educational opportunities!
  • We’re also doing a bunch of programming outside of Sex Week, because sex-positivity and education has to be a constant process! Expect workshops on “Green Sex” and eco-friendly sexuality, managing jealousy, dealing with a breakup (and situations that CALL for a breakup), how to talk to your doctor about your body & sex-life, asexuality, abstinence, and other stuff, as well as a raffle at the Brown/RISD drag show.

Brown/RISD Drag Show & Sex Toy Raffle

We couldn’t end the school-year without a second raffle, so don’t miss out! We have some glorious stuff to give away (including two items that are not EVEN OUT ON THE MARKET YET), and we’ll also be selling our Practice Makes Perfect / Safer Sex shirts ($12), so be there or be square! If you’re interested in volunteering to help out at the event, all the better, so email queer@brown.edu for more information.

Brown/RISD Drag Show (open to the public!)

April 17th, @ 8pm, in the RISD Auditorium (17 Canal St.).

For the Drag Show itself, we ask for a $5 donation. Part of these proceeds will go to PrYSM.

Raffle tickets will be 2 for a $1, and the money will go to SHEEC.

You will have a chance to purchase tickets at the door.

There will be 4 mini-raffles:

  • Fun Factory Vibrators
  • Spareparts Harness, Crystal Delights dildo, CalExotics bullet-vibe, and Tristan T. DVD
  • OhMiBod Club Vibe
  • Nexus Products


(1) Fun Factory Layaspot:

price ranges from $48 to $66

(1) Fun Factory Sinnflut Chester Cheeky

Rechargeable Vibrator (green):

price ranges from $150 to $160

(1) Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide

to Oral Sex: Part One: Cunnilingus [DVD]

priced at $30

(2) Nexus Glide

priced at $56

(1) Nexus Gyro

priced at $80

(2) Nexus Excel

priced at $63

(2) Spareparts Joque Harnesses

priced at $100 each

[Size B, red; Size A, limited edition gray camo print that has NOT EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET!]

(1) OhMiBod Club Vibe:

priced at $55

(1) VirtuallyAdult.com’s

Crystal Delights Pink Crystal Twist


EXCLUSIVE! (~$100 value)

(1) Cal Exotics Bullet Vibrator

(couldn’t find image/pricing information!)

2010 Sex Week Swag

So here’s a list of some of the stuff you can enter to win at our Saturday raffles. We’ve included brands, prices (usually the lowest we could find, so when something’s expensive, you KNOW it’s more expensive elsewhere) and specs, so click on the links to check out the particular awesome details of each toy. 🙂 We have something for everyone, and usually more than one of each product!
At the raffle, we’ll also be explaining the toys a bit, so consider it a sex toy fair. 🙂

And these are only SOME of the things you can win. Other things include a hot, romantic basket of awesomeness, including candles, a blindfold, fuzzy things, and sex-dice. Seriously. Go to the rest of our events. Who knows, maybe we’ll have surprise raffles. 😉

Get your swag on!

So I know we’ve talked about the raffle a bit, and having sponsors, and all that magical stuff…but now’s the time to make it clear.


Because we want you to win something *YOU* want and is relevant to YOUR sex life (or the sex life you want), we’ll have many “mini-raffles” for specific prizes and gift-bags at our finale event. Read: you don’t enter ONE pool for ALL the toys; you enter many smaller pools where your chances of winning are a) higher and b) more geared to your particular interests.

So, how does THAT work? Tickets come in a pair-form (so it looks like you have “4” tickets). On March 20th, you’ll have a chance to put one half of each ticket-pair into a bag with the prize you want. We will have many bags and we will have descriptions of what you can win by entering each raffle. If you have questions, feel free to ask the people at the selling area.

When we pull out a ticket from a specific bag, if you have the ticket that has the same number, you win that item! The more tickets you have, the more individual raffles you can enter (or the more tickets you can put into a single bag so you have more chances of winning). This is why it’s important that you NOT SEPARATE your ticket pairs until March 20th.


We are selling tickets throughout the week for the BIG RAFFLE on Saturday, March 20th at Salomon 101. Email brownsheec@gmail.com, or stalk Aida Manduley and tell her to sell some to you. More officially, however, we will have tickets available at most of our events, and SPECIFICALLY on the Main Green on Wednesday, March 17th, from noon to 4:00pm. That day we’ll also be selling sexy baked goods, buttons, and shirts, so bring cash and support sexual health education and empowerment!


Yes, you can! If you are one of the first 25 people at our events, you get one free ticket. But trust me–one ticket is NOT enough.


Aside from the big major raffle with tons of prizes, we are also having smaller ones at certain events. For these raffles at specific events (e.g. Strap-On 101 or Bringing [Safe] Sexy Back), we give tickets for those raffles to EVERYONE in the audience. These are NOT tickets for the big raffle. You will notice the difference because you will have only a HALF of a pair of tickets. Thus, by attending that event, you are automatically in the running to receive whatever specific item is being raffled off.

Capisce? Hopefully yes.



  1. (3/15) At Strap-On 101, we raffled off a blue Tantus Flame (a $17 closeout value if you get it via Tantus)
  2. (3/15) At Making It Work Outside the Box, we raffled off a pink Tantus 02 Rascal (an $84 value at Edenfantasys.com or a $24 closeout value if you get it via Tantus)
  3. (3/19) At Bringing (Safe) Sexy Back…
  4. (3/20) At F*cking Fantasies…
  5. (3/20) At Night of Sex, Toys, and Cabaret feat. The Wet Spots we will raffle off SO MUCH STUFF THAT YOU WON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH YOURSELF. I’ll be writing up a post sometime tonight with a list of some of the prizes you could win, so get excited and be on the lookout for that. 🙂