Talking to Your Doctor About S-E-X! (March 9th)

March 9th @ 12pm @ Sarah Doyle Women’s Center Lounge (26 Benevolent St.)

Scared of the OBGYN? Don’t know what to expect from a prostate exam? Have NO CLUE what a visit to the doctor entails when it comes to sexual functioning? Join Justine Shuey, trained sexuality educator and board-certified sexologist, to learn how to be a better advocate for your own personal sexual health.

An educated patient is a healthy patient, especially because most doctors receive less than one week of sex-ed as part of their professional training regimen. It’s up to YOU to advocate for your health!

In this workshop, learn what to expect, and what questions to ask your doctor whether you are going in for a regular checkup or whether you have specific concerns about your sexual health. See instruments used in sexual health assessments and learn how they work. Learn to be more involved with your doctor and your overall medical well-being. We will also discuss kink aware professionals and how to find them.