Sponsors: We’d be nothing without you!

You can find them all listed under our “SPONSORS” tab, but we needed to give another big THANK YOU to our sponsors for Sex Week 2010. Without them, we’d have no cool prizes to give away! I’ve been in personal contact with all of them, and let me tell you, they’re fantastic. SHEEC only approves of awesomeness, and these people have the seal of approval.

Kama Sutra Closet


Nexus Range



Spareparts Hardwear



Maui Kink

Tristan Taormino & PuckerUp.com

Tunti Enterprises

Tabu Toys

Barbara Carrellas

Crashpad Series


Good Vibrations


Sex Week 2010 Poster

My goals in creating a poster:

  • Wouldn’t imply a certain relationship status
  • Wouldn’t be objectifying and just like any other ad on TV
  • Wouldn’t be heteronormative (and ideally not homonormative, either, which is…not easy to do–most images out there are very either/or)
  • Would simultaneously bring something “non-traditional” to the fore but NOT in a “LOOK HOW RADICAL I AM!” way or in a “LOOK HOW FREAKY THIS IS!” way
  • Would focus on sexuality and sensuality, but in a fun, not intimidating, fashion
  • Re: above, would also not be too explicit or obviously and “traditionally” sexual, so that it could have more interpretations (including “platonic” ones?)
  • Would reflect an air of inclusiveness
  • Would not represent people from just one ethnic group (and this was the hardest to achieve while still trying to keep to the other points; I resolved this issue by making the skin tones a rainbow)
  • Would not glorify a particular body type, especially one that corresponds to the dominant ideas of beauty in the media
  • Would be welcoming and attractive
  • Would hold all the text necessary!