Sex Week 2009

SEX WEEK 2009: Bringing Meaningful Dialogue to Intimate Matters

April 6th-11th

Featuring 11 events of the course of 6 days, the week has been a collaborative endeavor by CARA, Hillel, the Poler Bears, The QA, The Sexual Assault Task Force, Students for Choice, and the WPC’s. Be sure to join us on April 11th for our closing dance party, Safety, featuring DJ Tramp and lots of free giveaways.

Monday April 6th

Beyond Sexy: A Pole Dancing Workshop 6pm HARKNESS LOUNGE ON PATRIOT’S COURT
Pole dancing can be far more than simply sexy. Come learn it as an art and exercise as we break the stereotypes associated with this newly popular form of dance.

Professor Tannenbaum on How To Communicate in Intimacy! 8pm SALOMON 001
Don’t know how to tell your partner where to touch?Hesitant about telling your partner how you like it? Join Prof. Barbara Tannenbaum and her partner on effective communication in the bedroom. Come and learn how to confidently voice your desires! This exclusive workshop is a rather radical departure from Professor Tannenbaum’s famous Persuasive Communication class. RSVP to for a spot in a once-in-a-lifetime workshop with a renowned Brown professor.

Tuesday April 7th

Clothesline Workshop 10am-6pm SARAH DOYLE WOMEN’S CENTER LOUNGE
The Clothesline Project is a visual display that raises awareness and provides a vehicle for expression about sexual violence. Students decorate t-shirts about their own experiences, or make a shirt in honor of someone else. T-shirts will be displayed on a clothesline on the main green as part of Take Back the Day/Night. We will provide supplies, but feel free to bring your own shirt!

Sex.Religion@Brown 8pm MACMILLAN 115
A student panel discussion on the intersections of spirituality, religion, faith, sexuality and sex that seeks to explore personal narratives, as well as looking at the treatment of safer sex across a diversity of experiences in various communities. An insightful and unique look into the lives of Brown students not to be missed!

Wednesday April 8th

A workshop on the evolution of reproductive freedoms and a woman’s right to choose.

Wanna Do It/Don’t Wanna Do It 8pm LIST 110
An interactive, media-based workshop by the Women’s Peer Counselors program on abstinence in the 21st century. Why abstain? Learn about the history of abstinence and virginity and its role in the media, explore cultural implications of abstinence in the U.S., and discover whether you really wanna do it…or not.

Thursday April 9th

GAIA Sponsored Free HIV Testing 1-6pm LEUNG GALLERY

Brown’s new Sexual Assault Peer Education program uses the acclaimed Bystander Intervention model to raise awareness about sexual assault and empower all community members to create a safer environment. Come to a 90-minute training to learn how you can prevent sexual assault on campus and in the greater community. Check our website for location details.

Getting it on: Race & Sex at Brown 8pm WILSON 102
A panel discussion by students on their experiences as students of color at Brown and their thoughts on sex, race, sexuality, identity and safety. Featuring Brown students speaking about their own lives, desires and identities. The event focuses on intersections of sex, race, sexuality and ethnicity by exploring the various perspectives students have as to the role race plays in their sex lives and at Brown.

Friday April 10th


Saturday April 11th

Safety Dance 10pm-2am GRAD CENTER LOUNGE
Bringing back safer sexy together. A celebration of safer sex with DJ Tramp of WBRU. Free water, free condoms, free lube, free love, freedom. Best “safety outfit” wins a prize. $3/Door. Presale Tues 4/7 and Weds 4/8 at JWW mailroom, win SPG tickets and a free “I want to talk about sex” t-shirt.

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