Sex Week 2010

SEX WEEK 2010: Venturing Outside The Box

March 14th-March 20th

– There will be free safer sex materials @ all events.

– No cost of admittance (read: events are free!)

– We will be selling raffle tickets on the Main Green on Wednesday (along with raunchy baked goods & t-shirts) from 12pm-4pm AND during our Saturday events. You can also email about purchasing raffle tickets if you can’t make those times. A dollar gets you TWO tickets (and believe me, you want LOTS of tickets). However, because we love giving things out and spreading the sexual glee, the first 25 people at each event will receive a free ticket for attending! (For more info about our prizes, stay tuned to our website & this event!)

And remember to check out our:



Kink/Ethnicity: Documentary and Student Panel
5:00pm @ List 110 (64 College St.)

Description: What do you think about power dynamics and sex? Is the bedroom a place to be politically correct? Come watch “Kinky,” a CineKink Audience Choice Award (2009) for Best Documentary Feature that takes a look at issues affecting the sexuality of Black Americans and touches on religion, racism and relationships as it delves into the fascinating world of bondage, fetish and BDSM. It combines humorous on-the-street interviews in Harlem, as well as discussions with celebrated African American kinky lifestylers–including Jill Carter (International Ms. Leather 1996), and Mistress Mir, a legendary Pro Domme and performance artist–for a sexy, informative and humorous look at black sexuality, fetish and kink. After the documentary, we will have a panel where we shall discuss the intersection of ethnicity/race and sexuality, especially in contexts where power-dynamics and fetishism are integral to people’s sexual expression. Everyone is welcome! We expect a lively discussion, so don’t miss it.



Strap-On 101 w/ Shanna Katz
12:00pm @ Sarah Doyle Women’s Center lounge (26 Benevolent St.)

Description: Come learn all about the joys and pleasures of strapping it on. Who said harnesses were just for girl-on-girl action? In this workshop, we’ll discuss double-penetration, “pegging,” using harnesses for cuckolding, “femmecock,” and so much more! Ever wonder what the difference is between a g-string and a dual strap? We’ll cover that too! You’ll learn how to properly work a strap-on, contemplate a plethora of positions, and learn about the pros/cons of different types of toys. This class is open to singles, couples and moresomes of all sexes and genders. Never used a harness before? That’s fine – we’ll start with the basics. Plus, everyone will get to try on harnesses with toys to get a feel for the different styles, as well as figure out what works best for them.

SexAbility w/ Shanna Katz
5:30pm @ Salomon 202

Description: People of all ability levels are sexual beings. Sex is hard enough to navigate and negotiate when one fits in with society’s notions of what a sexual being is, but once you add in the concept of ability, it can become quite challenge. This workshop is discussion-based, and covers issues such as coming out to your partner(s), how to discuss ability levels, new things to try, correct terminology, negotiating sex play (including kink/BDSM play), and much more. Participants are encouraged to share suggestions, trade ideas, etc. Great for people of all ability levels (and their partners) who want to recognize themselves as sexual beings. This workshop hopes to challenge people’s viewpoints, foster discussion and conversation, and open doors towards a shift in the social constructions surrounding sexuality and disability.

Make it Work Outside the Box: Relationship-Mapping & Communication w/ Shanna Katz
8:30pm @ List 120 (64 College St.)

Description: Communication is key, but how DO we communicate? More importantly, how does communication change (or not) once we break the boundaries of what are considered “traditional relationships”? In this workshop we’ll talk about the different styles of communication, the languages of love, types of non-verbal communication, why communcation is so important, and how to adapt all of this for kinky AND vanilla relationships. We’ll gain an understanding about the basic types of relationships that people have in their lives, how we can map them, patterns to look for, and what we can get out of these maps. Finally, we’ll talk about polyamory/non-monogamy – its various facets, how to get into it, and most importantly, how we can make it work when there are more than two people involved. Bring paper, pen, and an open mind. We will be raffling off two Tantus toys at this event, so make sure you arrive early and get a seat!



Feminist Pornography (Out For Lunch) w/ Shanna Katz
12:00pm @ LGBTQ Resource Center (3rd floor Hillel, at 80 Angell St.)


Description: Are you one of those who has wondered exactly what it is that makes porn “feminist” or “sex positive?” Join us as we talk about definitions of pornography and obscenity, and how sexual pleasure can be recording in a feminist and sex positive way. We’ll discuss current companies who identify as sex positive, and what separates them (or not!) from current, mainstream pornographic productions. By the end of this talk, everyone will still have formed different opinons, but will be more educated as to what this sex positive porn movement is.

I’ll Only Tell a Friend: The Best Ways to Help Someone Who’s Been Hurt by Sexual Assault
7:00pm @ Sarah Doyle Women’s Center lounge (26 Benevolent St.)

Description: A friend is the most likely person that someone will turn to if they have been sexually assaulted. Come learn what helps, what doesn’t, and what a big difference you can make in your friends’ life. Led by Trish Glover, Brown’s Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Program Coordinator.

Sex & Chocolate In The Dark
8:00pm @ Crystal Room (Alumnae Hall)

Description: Celebrate Sex Week with an open discussion about all things sex in a safe, comfortable environment. Bring blankets, pillows, friends, and questions for a night of cozy conversation in a dark, anonymous space. Featuring BDH Post Sexpert Allie Wollner, Zach Marcus, and facilitators from Health Ed and Planned Parenthood. Come prepared to just listen, ask questions, or share your own advice and stories. Oh yeah, and be prepared to eat tons of nature’s greatest aphrodisiac: chocolate.



Raunchy Bake Sale & Activities
Main Green, 12:00-4:00pm

Description: This isn’t your old high-school bake sale. Stop by our table on the Main Green and get delicious goodies in shapes too hot to handle. We’ll also be selling shirts ($12) and tickets for our risqué raffle on March 20th. At $1 for 2 tickets, you can enter to win books, toy chests, grand-prize kits, and top-quality sex toys (from brands such as Tantus, Nexus, and Fun Factory). This is something you don’t want to miss! For more info, check our website.

Transgender Inclusion, or Demilitarizing the Borderlands of the Binary Gender System
7:00pm @ Rhode Island Hall Room 108

Description/Bio: Emi Koyama is a multi-issue social justice slut synthesizing feminist, Asian, survivor, dyke, queer, sex worker, intersex, genderqueer, and crip politics, as these factors, while not a complete descriptor of who she is, all impacted her life. Emi is currently the director of Intersex Initiative. Emi lives in Portland, Oregon and is putting the emi back in feminism since 1975.



Sex & the MTV Culture
8:30 PM @ List 120 (64 College St.)

Description: Oral sex is no big deal, right? Is anyone NOT having sex? How am I supposed to feel after a hook up? Sexualized images in the media are everywhere and the message often is, “the less you care about sex, the more powerful you are.” Come talk about what sex means in college, the emotional aspects of sexuality and what healthy sexuality could really look like.



Rebirthing our Joy – Healthy & Happy Sex Lives for All w/ Sarah Sloane and Marlene Chait
4:00pm @ Salomon 003

Description: Often, those of us who are survivors of sexual trauma of all types feel challenged in our expression of our sexuality. Between the aftereffects of the trauma, the feelings of uncertainty, and the fears of doing something that will hurt us, we can get locked into patterns of behavior that stifle our sexual selves, rather than enhance them. Everyone is welcome to this class – trauma survivors, their friends, lovers, and supporters – to talk about techniques to enhance our sense of self, our communication with lovers and partners, our ability to stay centered and grounded, and to evaluate the potential land mines and create action plans for handling issues as they come up in a conscious, loving, and esteem-building way.

Bringing (Safe) Sexy Back w/ Sarah Sloane
7:30pm @ Metcalf Auditorium (188 Thayer St.)

Description: How do you use a condom without it spoiling the mood? How the heck do you use a dental dam? What was she using that saran wrap for? Does alcohol kill STD viruses off of play equipment? Really, how easy is it to transmit HPV? Want answers? Want a safe place to ask those questions you thought might be too ’stupid’? Come on over for a fun tour of safer sex supplies and differently creative ways of using them – including how to easily put a condom on without using your hands! You will also get the most current information on how various diseases are transmitted and how easy they are to kill, so that you can make thoughtful choices on how and where you play. Bring your open mind, your questions, and your creativity out to have fun with us! Plus, as if the topics weren’t tempting enough, we will be raffling off some sex toys at this event, so don’t miss it!



F*cking Fantasies: How to incorporate all those wild thoughts into your play w/ Megan Andelloux
5:00pm @ Salomon 001

Description: What gets you off? What gets other people off? And how the heck do you do it?! If you are curious about the answers to these questions and you want to learn how to maneuver some of your fantasies into your sex life, this is the workshop for you. F*cking Fantasies will cover some of the more common “naughty” thoughts people have (like how to talk dirty, rough sex, and anal play) and expose scary sexual behavior myths that you’ve heard about (like how “good feminists don’t use porn” or that you’ll become desensitized the more sexually “experimental” you are) while giving you the cold hard facts. Individual audience participation is highly encouraged, though not mandatory, so get ready to share a part of your mind and body that pushes peoples’ comfort zone a little. After all, you’re at college to get a challenging education!

A Night of Sex, Toys, & Cabaret feat. The Wet Spots
9:00pm @ Salomon 101

Description: Join us for our grand Sex Week finale! We’ve built up the anticipation for a week, and now that we’ve had our fun, it’s time for a delicious climax. Metaphorically, of course. In addition to a performance by The Wet Spots, we’ll announce the winners of our Brown Erotica Competition and raffle off a ridiculous amount of products from our awesome sponsors. (We guarantee there have never been this many sex-toys in Salomon 101 before.) If you haven’t gotten any raffle tickets yet, you can still get them at this event, so bring cash, come early, and get ready for a red-hot evening.

Performers: Picture a husband and wife team from the golden age of comedy. Now picture them singing sweetly about threesomes and taking it in the ass. Internationally acclaimed cabaret duo The Wet Spots (Cass King and John Woods) write the most elegant songs about sex that you will ever hear. The pair presents an image that is vaudevillian, oversexed, and weirdly Canadian: Think sex club by way of Monty Python. Using a lively blend of original songs, audience interaction, spankings and singalongs, The Wet Spots draw their fans into a world where the libido is celebrated and satirized. Their songs have been licensed for TV shows like The L Word and live credits include The Center for Sex and Culture (San Francisco), The Museum of Sex (NYC), and many Pride events including the first ever queer comedy showcase in Africa (Cape Town Comedy Festival).


Queer Alliance, Office of Residential Life, Health Education, Students for Choice, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, Women’s History Month, Pride Month/LGBTQ Resource Center, GNSS DUG, Coalition Against Relationship Abuse, M-Sex, Femsex, Women Students at Brown, Sexual Assault Task Force, Disability Support Services, Office of Institutional Diversity, Office of Campus Life & Student Services, Undergraduate Finance Board

With help from The Late Night Fund to bring in The Wet Spots!

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