Sex Week 2012

SEX WEEK 2012: Sex Around the Globe

March 11th-March 17th

  • We will be supplying safer sex materials throughout the week
  • ALL events are free, though some require an RSVP, and we’re open to the public!



“Sex Trivia” with SFC and SHAG (SIGNUP REQUIRED) – 11pm-1am, Petteruti Lounge (75 Waterman St.)

What’s the most common fetish?
What does “g-string” stand for?
What was the first condom made of?
What other animals engage in oral sex?

To find out, join the Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG) and Students for Choice (SFC) in Sex Trivia Night to kick off Sex Week!

Sign up your teams of up to 5 people now by emailing with your team roster. *PLEASE SIGN UP ASAP* so that we have an idea of how much food to get! There will be pizza, desserts, prizes and, of course, plenty of fun sex trivia, with categories ranging from ‘History of Sex’ to ‘Philias, Phobias, and “Phetishes”‘.


BodyTalk Wellness Fair – 11am-3pm, 133 Mathewson Street (Downtown Providence)

Join SHEEC, Sojouner House of RI, APRI, ACOS, the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, Planned Parenthood, and many other organizations for a Wellness Fair! This fair seeks to raise awareness of the increasing impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls and to encourage women and girls to take action by knowing their HIV/AIDS status and understanding their risk. The Sojourner House believes that it is imperative to highlight the connection between increased HIV risk and intimate partner violence in a way that empowers individuals, provides resources, and discusses ways to take care of oneself in a holistic fashion. Events include: raffles, yoga, meditation, anonymous HIV/HCV rapid testing, an “Ask the Experts” panel, and AIDS quilt exhibition, and more!

“Let’s Talk About Sex” Movie Screening and Discussion – 4pm-6pm, Smith-Buonanno 106 (95 Cushing St.)

“Let’s Talk About Sex” is a film that takes a revealing look at how American attitudes and fears surrounding adolescent sexuality affect today’s teenagers. From TV shows and music to movies and advertisements, sex permeates American culture. Yet, the lack of dialogue with adolescents about sexuality can have severely negative impacts in the form of STIs, unwanted pregnancy, and more. Join Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG) and Feminists at Brown (FAB) at a screening of ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ to kick off Sex Week!


Free HIV Testing with APRI – 5pm-7pm, Wilson 305 and 309 (on Brown’s Main Green; entrance through 75 Waterman St.)

Join AIDS Project RI for free on-campus HIV testing!

“Lost in the Streets: The Invisible World of Male Sex Workers” – 8pm, Smith-Buonanno 106 (95 Cushing St.)

Have you heard of Project Weber yet? They’re an amazing group in Providence, RI doing direct service and outreach to male sexworkers in our state. Come find out more as Richard Holcomb, co-founder of Project Weber, gives us an in-depth look into the world of male prostitution on the streets of U.S. cities and abroad. Through lecture, documentary clips, and a panel, this presentation will cover data, personal and professional experiences with this population, and the barriers and challenges in providing male sex-workers with appropriate services and support. The panel will include Richard Holcomb, one of Project Weber’s fantastic outreach workers, and documentary filmaker Dio Traverso, with SNEAK PEEK CLIPS from the documentary “Invisible”.


“Negotiation: Taking Control of your Body, Sex, and Intimacy!” with Ignacio Rivera – 12pm-1pm, Salomon 202 (on Brown’s Main Green; entrance through 75 Waterman St.)

Negotiating consent is a phrase often left out of our conversations about sexual liberation. When we think of love, romance, relationships, sex and fucking, other thoughts and frameworks come to mind. Fireworks, cruising, a dozen roses, and unspoken chemistry are the cornerstones of navigating sex and intimacy. But in the real world, we know that getting what we desire and working to make a just and vibrant exchange within sexual dynamics doesn’t happen. We have to talk, discuss, negotiate and be held accountable for our all of our desires – those spoken and unspoken. This of course is easier said than done in a world where love has many languages; where race, gender and class oppression abound and where many of us are recovering from trauma. Join us for a workshop on how to navigate the complex world of consent, safety and getting what you desire.

Religion+Sexuality Student-Led Discussion – 4pm-6pm, Petteruti Lounge (75 Waterman St.)

Join SHEEC for a student-led discussion on RELIGION and SEXUALITY! Are religion and sexuality inherently opposed? What writings exist on sexuality within religious texts? Are certain types of sexual expression celebrated or prioritized over others? Discuss these questions and more today! Snacks will be provided. Part of Sex Week 2012!

“Kink, Race, and Class” with Ignacio Rivera – 8pm to 10pm, Macmillan 115 (167 Thayer St.)

Race and or class issues are subjects all too much ignored in the Kink world. Some say we should leave our politics at the door. Other say that in order to engage in negotiated power dynamics, players must be aware of how power plays a role for marginalized folks on a daily basis. These very power dynamics keep some from participating at all. Join in on the discussion and help brainstorm ideas to effectively discuss race and class issues within our kink. Is it possible to be kinky and not political? How can we respect one another and continue to navigate within the kink sphere? Come investigate these questions and more with Ignacio Rivera! Sponsored by SHEEC and Multiracial Identity Series during Sex Week 2012.


“HIV/AIDS Around the World and in the U.S.” – Brownbag discussion with Dr. Philip Chan and Tom Bertrand from APRI – 12pm-1pm, Memorial Room–Faunce 229 (75 Waterman St.)

Join Dr. Phillip Chan and Tom Bertrand from APRI for a brownbag discussion on HIV/AIDS around the globe.

Free HIV and HCV Testing with ACOS – 12-3:30pm, Rainbow Room (3rd Floor Faunce)

Join AIDS Care Ocean State for free on-campus HIV and HCV testing!

“Pink Japan: Contemporary Sex Culture” with Midori – 7pm to 10pm, List 120

From cuisine, music, fashion, technology to anime, Japan’s cultural influences on the West is immense. In many ways the Japanese erotic cultures are also influencing today’s Western tastes. Yet the daily realities of Japan’s gender relations, sexual habits, sexual consumer culture and gay/lesbian/transgender world remain hidden to us, creating an aura of mystique. In this funny and insightful talk, join Midori for a double-expatriate’s photo tour of Japan’s hidden sexual culture today. Midori is a Kyoto born, Japanese-American author and sex educator based in San Francisco. Raised by trail blazing feminist professors in Japan, she’s well versed with the contradiction that is 21st Century Japan. Organized by SHEEC and JCA for Sex Week 2012.

“Sex & Chocolate in the Dark”—9pm-11pm, South Wayland Lounge

Celebrate Sex Week with an open discussion about all things sex in a safe, comfortable environment. Bring blankets, pillows, friends, and questions for a night of cozy conversation in a dark, anonymyzing space. The evening with be moderated by a panel of knowledgeable sexperts from the Brown Community. Come prepared to just listen, ask questions, or share your own advice and stories. Oh yeah, and be prepared to eat tons of nature’s greatest aphrodisiac: chocolate. Organized by Students for Choice and SHEEC for Sex Week 2012!


“Raunchy Bake Sale and Sex Week Tabling Event” – 11am-3pm, Main Green (entrance through 75 Waterman St.)

Join us on the Main Green for Sex Week 2012’s main tabling event! We will have cupcakes and other sexy baked goods, a coloring station, safer sex supplies, and representatives from Health Ed, SHAG, Planned Parenthood, the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, Sex Week Sponsors, and more!

“Tales of a Traveling Sex Educator” Out to Lunch with Megan Andelloux – 12-1pm, LGBTQ Resource Center – 321 Faunce (75 Waterman St.)

Join local Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health founder Megan Andelloux for an Out to Lunch discussion on her travelling experiences as a Sex Educator! How did she become a Sex Educator, and how have her experiences differed in different parts of the country? Organized by SHEEC, Pride Series, and the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health for Sex Week 2012!

“Orchestrating Orgasms” Workshop with Megan Andelloux – 7pm-9pm, Petteruti Lounge (75 Waterman St.) > COME EARLY, SPACE LIMITED <

Freud talked to us about the appropriate “types,” pop culture magazines scream from the shelves that we could be having better ones, and many people experience deep guilt in their quest to experience them. Still, what actually ARE orgasms? For something so celebrated, very few individuals can give a straight definition; people are seemingly just supposed to be grateful if they have them! The simultaneous mystery and ubiquity of “The Big O” has created a fascination with orgasms, but hasn’t provided a perfect answer to the big questions people ask about them. Fortunately, Oh Megan is here to help! In this captivating workshop, you will learn about the biological, psychological and sociological issues surrounding orgasms. What types of orgasms are there? How can one have more orgasms? Why do they feel so good? Why do some people struggle to have them? With the use of images, participation, videos, and genital models, Orchestrating Orgasms will bring down the house in a perfect symphony. Organized by SHEEC, Pride Series, and the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health for Sex Week 2012!


“PrideProm” – 10pm-2am, Andrews Dining Hall

Have you always wanted to attend a queer prom but never had the chance?! Then “Party Like It’s 1999” at PrideProm! You can expect to dress up in formal or semi-formal attire for prom pictures, music, dancing, and *drum roll* a chocolate fountain. PrideProm is an affirming space for queer students. LGBTQ+ and allied students welcome to attend. Organized by the Queer Alliance.


“Queer and Undocumented: Opening up the Dialogue on Queer Immigrants” – 3pm-4pm, Smith-Buonanno Hall Room 106 (95 Cushing Street)

The Brown Immigrant Rights Coalition invites you to join Juan Rodriguez and Felipe Matos on their talk titled: “Opening up the Dialogue on Queer Immigrants: Reclaiming the Sum of our Parts.” This will be a round table conversation about the intersection between different systems of oppression as they play out in people’s personal lives. Felipe Matos and Juan Rodriguez, both organizers for the immigrant rights movement had to face a personal struggle in reconciling their experiences as queer couple in a patriarchal and homophobic movement. Juan and Felipe will talk about ways to open up space for the expression of different experiences and identities in movements as well as key strategies to open up dialogue in general. They will achieve these goals by engaging participants in discussions about their identity and their vision of a social movement. (Sponsored by: The Queer Alliance Community Committee (ComCom), Coordinating Committee, and Queer Politics Action Committee, Students for a Democratic Society, Office of Institutional Diversity, Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies, and the LGBTQ Center.)

“International Skin: Porn Around the Globe” with Marcy Porn Society – 5:30pm-8pm, Smith-Buonanno 106 (95 Cushing St.)

America isn’t the only nation that gets down and dirty with sexy smut. Come learn about the history of porn from around the world and discuss where and when it may have started. Learn about the world’s first English erotic novel that was once banned for its “obscene” content. Enjoy clips of erotic films from Spain, Sweden, India, and many more. Discover the many cultures and histories behind pornography in all its different forms, including (but not limited to) erotic photography, art, videos both professional and amateur, and of course erotic stories.

Ever wonder about how the American porn industry sometimes over-eroticizes men and women of different cultures (“interracial porn”)? Let’s talk about how other countries make all colors of the sexual spectrum just as sexy as the next. Do you have recommendations of some clips or pieces of erotic artwork that you’d like to see and share? During the question and answer session everyone is more than welcome to submit requests!

There will be sexy cupcakes for the first few people to arrive, so come early!


“Gay in Green: PoC Outing to Platforms”
(more info coming soon)


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