Sex Week 2011

SEX WEEK 2011: Sexual Freedom

March 13th-March 19th

– There will be free safer sex materials @ all events.

– Also FREE small raffles @ [almost] EVERY EVENT, so everyone has a chance of winning something!

– No cost of admittance (read: ALL events are free, though some require an RSVP)

– We will be selling raffle tickets for our BIG raffle on the Main Green on Wednesday (along with raunchy baked goods & t-shirts) from 12pm-4pm. You can also email about purchasing raffle tickets if you can’t make those times. A dollar gets you TWO tickets (and believe me, you want LOTS of tickets).

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  • Life After MSex/Femsex
    • March 13th @ 2pm @ List Art Building, Room 110 (64 College St.)
    • After a semester full of intense discussions and talk of empowerment, what’s one to do when left without the workshop that facilitated that? What are the paths one can take to stay involved with these dialogues or take a bigger role in them? Join a diverse group of participants who have taken Femsex and/or MSex in a discussion about how to create positive communities, stay empowered, and bring the workshop sensibilities outside that space. We’ll also be talking about jobs and staying connected with other forms of campus and off-campus activism, so don’t miss out on alums telling us about their experiences with life after Femsex/MSex and outside of Brown!
  • If You Can’t Love Yourself…(How Can You Love Anyone Else?)
    • March 13th @ 5pm @ List Art Building, Room 110 (64 College St.)
    • In today’s blitz of media and judgment surrounding our bodies, it can be incredibly hard to love yourself. From rules surrounding pubic hair to epic retouching with Photoshop, how are we to know what beautiful bodies really are? We’ll talk about body autonomy and body positivity, inclusive of size diversity, ability levels and much more, as well as discuss how we as a community can create a supportive and more body lovin’ space for everyone!



  • All Roads Leading to Pleasure: Sex Educators in the Real World
    • March 14th @ noon @ Salomon Center, Room 203 (Main Green, between George and Waterman Streets)
    • Ever want to know what it’s like to be sex educator in today’ society? Interested in going into the field of sex education? Or maybe you don’t really know what a sex educator does. Come listen in as Shanna Katz and Megan Andelloux share their very different journeys in the world of sex-ed, discussing how and why they entered the field, what the spaces they occupy, and the wide variety of ways in which sex educators can make a living.
  • Beyond Sexy: A Pole-Dance/Belly-Dance Workshop
    • Monday, March 14th @ 6pm @ Harkness Lounge (on Patriot’s Court)
    • Join Amira and The Poler Bears for an evening of sensuality, exercise, and most of all: dance. Come learn about these forms of body movement that transcend the realm of the merely sensual and cross over into the world of art.
  • Sex and Chocolate in the Dark
    • March 14th @ 8pm @ South Wayland Lounge (On Wriston Quad)
    • Celebrate Sex Week with an open discussion about all things sex in a safe, comfortable environment. Bring blankets, pillows, friends, and questions for a night of cozy conversation in a dark, anonymyzing space. The evening with be moderated by BDH Post Sexpert Maggie Millner, Queer Alliance advocacy chair Raillan Brooks, and Dr. Marsha Mill from Health Ed. Come prepared to just listen, ask questions, or share your own advice and stories. Oh yeah, and be prepared to eat tons of nature’s greatest aphrodisiac: chocolate. Sponsored by Students for Choice.



  • Learn to Talk Dirty with SHAG: Communicate your way to better, safer sex (RSVP Preferred)
    • March 15th @ 6 PM @ Arnold Lounge (38 Charlesfield St.)
    • Come learn some great ways to talk clearly about your (and your partner’s!) desires minus the awkward feeling – whether you’ve been with your partner forever or if it’s just a one-night stand. Learn how to incorporate safer sex supplies in your conversation and your sex play in a smooth, sexy way. Join SHAG for this hands-on workshop and discover how partner communication can get you the hotter, safer sex you want! FREE PIZZA DINNER & FREE SAFER SEX SUPPLIES. RSVP to
  • Peg-Ass-Us
    • March 15th @ 7:30 PM @ Rites & Reasons Theatre (155 Angell St.)
    • A hilariously penetrating look at queer sex for straight folks, complete with sing-a-longs, how-to’s, romance, puppets and soul-baring striptease. John Leo and Sophie Nimmannit have crafted perhaps the silliest, most heartfelt romantic comedy about anal sex imaginable. Build in their passionate lover’s quarrels that unearth the messy entanglements of desire, fear, the need for acceptance, the hope for a sexual revolution – and the duo bumbles to a climax where everyone gets off. Be forewarned–there will be some nudity at this event!



  • Freedom of Kink
    • March 16th @ 7pm @ MacMillan Hall, Room 115 (167 Thayer St.)
    • For those involved with sexual practices that exist on societal fringes or are in some way marginalized, the question of sexual freedom is a vital one. The power to engage sexually in a way that is consensual and informed, while still authentic to one’s desires and respectful of others’, is not always granted to all adults equally. Join professional dominatrix and educator Princess Kali in a discussion about the intersection of sex education, professional domination, and kink.



  • Raunchy Bake Sale & Tabling on the Green
    • March 16th @ noon (until 4pm) @ Main Green (between George and Waterman Streets)
    • This isn’t your old high-school bake sale. Stop by our tables on the Main Green and get delicious goodies in shapes too hot to handle. We’ll have a body-love mural, condom flowers, the SHAG Sexual Health Express, lots of free safer sex materials, the Butternut Squash Challenge, and tons of other fun things! We’ll also be selling shirts and raffle-tickets. This is definitely something you don’t want to miss.
  • A Brief History of Sex Toys
    • March 17th @ noon @ Salomon Center, Room 003 (Main Green, between George and Waterman Streets)
    • Over the years, sex toys have changed dramatically, going from carved stone dildos to the bulky vibrators used to cure “hysteria” to the discreet, high tech personal massagers of today. What are the factors that have led to the evolution of these toys–and what might the toys of the future be? Join Lux Alptraum as she brings in sex-toy antiques for what promises to be an exciting show-and-tell. The first 20 people to attend will receive a free silver bullet vibrator from Babeland!
  • SexTech: Sexuality and Privacy in the Digital Age
    • March 17th @ 8pm @ Salomon Center, Room 001 (Main Green, between George and Waterman Streets)
    • Over the past decade, technology has made it easier and easier to discreetly explore and express your sexual desires–but as the Duke F*ck List, Chris Lee, Tiger Woods, and a slew of naked celebrity photos have shown, it’s also made it surprisingly easy for those private little moments to end up in public. How can we incorporate tech into our sex lives without worrying about seeing last night’s adventures turn into today’s online gossip? Join Lux Alptraum, editor of Fleshbot, in a discussion of strategies for playing safely online, and what it means to be sexual in a digital world.



  • Sex Blogging as a Feminist Project
    • March 18th @ 3pm @ Smith-Buonanno Hall, Room 106 (95 Cushing St.)
    • While women have not historically controlled their own sexuality, they have tended to control the dissemination of information about sexuality, first through oral traditions and traditional social networks, and later through media such as advice columns. Medicalization and the culture of expertise removed much of that control, but the consciousness-raising movement of the second wave of feminism used social networks to reclaim it. This lecture and discussion will talk about personal narratives and their importance, addressing the ways that women’s internet sex blogs help develop vocabularies of desire, reduce shame, and build community, enabling women to continue this process of regaining control over information about sexuality.
  • “Am I A Virgin If …”: Deconstructing The Myth of Sexual Purity
    • March 18th @ 5pm @ Wilson Hall, Room 102 (Main Green, between George and Waterman Streets)
    • Virginity is highly valued across the world, but does anyone know what virginity even is? One recent Kinsey Institute survey of Americans reveals that there is no consensus on what constitutes “real sex”. What are the religious, economic, medical, and legal origins of the virginity ideal? Is there one defining act that connotes loss of virginity, and how does queer sexuality complicate the equation? From debunking myths to defying norms, this workshop with Harvard grad Lena Chen, notorious for her Sex & the Ivy blog, will critically interrogate our assumptions about sexual purity and its meaning in our lives.
  • FLASHBANG: Sex Week Finale (almost)
    • March 18th @ 10pm-2am @ Kasper Multipurpose Room (75 Waterman St.)
    • Move over, Starf*ck. There’s one thing this party has in common with the hand-grenades it’s named after: they’re both designated to stun. Don’t miss this brand new bash where we’ll have amazing music, goody bags for attendees, raffles, and tons of fabulousness. Oh yeah, and it’s FREE. We’ll be announcing the winners of our erotica competition and raffling of large amounts of gear from our fabulous sponsors. We guarantee there have never been this many sex-toys in Faunce before. If you haven’t gotten any raffle tickets yet, you can still get them at this event, so bring cash, come early, and get ready for an explosive evening.



  • KinkforAll Providence 2
    • March 19th @ 10:30am-5:00pm @ Smith-Buonanno Hall, 1st and 2nd floors (95 Cushing St.)
    • KinkForAll Providence 2 is a full day of discussions and presentations centered on the intersection between sexuality and the rest of life, created by you, the event participants. Oh yeah, and it’s totally free. Take this opportunity to come listen in and/or present on topics you are passionate about! Please sign up on the wiki and read up about it. (There’s also the FB event)
  • ScrewSmart: Pollination Books: Binding Your Sexual History
    • March 19th @ 5:30pm @ Alumnae Hall, Room 212 (RSVP is required; capped at 25)
    • It has been said that the unexamined life is not worth living, and we agree. But when its our personal sex lives that we’re examining, it hardly feels like work at all! Part book binding demo and part personal sexual history exploration, this free workshop will send every person home with a self-made pollination book. Join the furies of ScrewSmart as we share professional sexual history taking techniques to examine your steamy past and present so that you may mindfully determine where you’d like to go. Let us exert our craftiness and teach you how to make a stab binding book in which you can begin to record your findings. All materials are provided and people in all sexual stages are welcome. Warning, after making this incredible piece of personal narrative, you may want to find the proper hiding place for it. RSVP to



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