Philosophy & Mission


We believe in comprehensive, LGBTQ-friendly, kink-aware, culturally-sensitive, medically-accurate sexuality education that acknowledges sexual pleasure and is relevant to a wide variety of audiences. While the personal choices of our group members can vary widely and may reflect different views, institutionally we are a sex-positive, pro-choice organization that believes in and advocates for access to contraception, comprehensive education, safe spaces, and proper, affordable medical care.

SHEEC is a group that was made to address issues of gender, sex, sexuality, and all the things that go along with it. This means we aren’t going to shy away from difficult conversations and tackling taboos. In fact, it means were more likely to address them because we come from a place that sees discussing those topics as a PRESSING NEED instead of as something to be avoided. We want to make people feel challenged and productively uncomfortable while also nourishing those who need it and providing support for folks marginalized due to their sexuality or desires. If you are looking for a group that doesn’t deal with difficult situations, this is not it.


  1. advocate for students’ needs with regards to issues of sexual health, empowerment, sexuality, and wellness
  2. establish new resources on campus with regard to these same issues
  3. organize Brown’s Sex Week and, beyond that, promote a series of on-campus lectures, screenings, events, and workshops that are aligned with the SHEEC mission
  4. establish and maintain network of communication among campus groups and organizations of similar focus
  5. act as a liaison between the student body and administration
  6. heighten productivity of preexisting student groups by encouraging an atmosphere of cooperation and promoting cross-disciplinary event-planning

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