Sex Week 2012: Erotica Contest

Have you ever fantasized about doing sexy things while studying abroad? Ever fantasized about watching sexy people do sexy things while studying abroad? Whatever you dream about, we want you to write down your sexiest/kinkiest/funniest piece of erotica and submit it to enter our contest. Winners will receive a prize from one of our Sex Week sponsors and get their story posted (& credited if desired) on the SHEEC website.

The theme is INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: erotic study abroad experiences. Thinking boy-on-boy, phe-on-phe, shaking up the beds while a Parisian breeze blows in through the window? Get as creative as you can, just as long as you do not include the real first and last names of the people you write about if your story comes from personal experience.

Length (of the story, of course) can vary; we embrace all styles. If you are inclined to make art instead of writing, drawings, paintings, and other media are also welcome.

Submit your stories to or campus box #3354 by March 16th. Sign them with your real name and/or your campus box # so we can contact you. Winners will be announced March 17th via our Facebook page, website, and Twitter account (@brownsheec). Let the games begin!