• March 15th @ 7:30 PM @ Rites & Reasons Theatre (155 Angell St.)
  • A hilariously penetrating look at queer sex for straight folks, complete with sing-a-longs, how-to’s, romance, puppets and soul-baring striptease. John Leo and Sophie Nimmannit have crafted perhaps the silliest, most heartfelt romantic comedy about anal sex imaginable. Build in their passionate lover’s quarrels that unearth the messy entanglements of desire, fear, the need for acceptance, the hope for a sexual revolution – and the duo bumbles to a climax where everyone gets off. Be forewarned–there will be some nudity at this event!

KinkForAll Providence 2

Ah, I remember the notorious KinkForAll [Providence] that began a slew of attacks on SHEEC, Sex Week, our presenters, and our Chair last year…attacks that continued this year (and keep cropping up at lovely times)…

Well, we’re having one again in the name of education, the right to free speech, and SEXUAL FREEDOM. It promises to be even better than the first, so don’t miss it.

KinkforAll Providence 2

  • March 19th @ Smith-Buonanno Hall, 1st and 2nd floors (95 Cushing St.)
  • KinkForAll Providence 2 is a full day of discussions and presentations centered on the intersection between sexuality and the rest of life, created by you, the event participants. Oh yeah, and it’s totally free. Take this opportunity to come listen in and/or present on topics you are passionate about! Please sign up on the wiki and read up about it. (There’s also the FB event)

Brown/RISD Erotica Contest 2011 [Updated]

Think Brown and RISD are…stimulating places? Write* your sexiest/kinkiest/funniest piece of erotica and submit it to enter our contest. The only requirement is that you title your piece with the name of a Brown (or RISD) course and draw clear inspiration from it. Get creative! Put those wacky course titles to use, or give us a new spin on a clichéd class name. Anything goes, just don’t include real first or last names or overly identifying details. Length can vary, but we encourage all shapes and sizes to be submitted!

Winners will receive a prize from one of our Sex Week sponsors and get their story posted (credited if desired) on the SHEEC website.

Send your stories to or campus box #2306 by March 17th. Sign them with your real name and/or your campus box # so we can contact you. Winners will be announced at our March 18th dance in the Kasper Multipurpose Room.

*If you are inclined to make art instead of writing something, go for it.



  • Alexander the Great and the Alexander Tradition by Rod Bonerski
  • Advanced Fluid Mechanics by E.S.
  • Set of 4 Pieces by Abe P.

No-Cost Birth Control

The Department of Health and Human Services is currently debating whether to make birth control available at no cost under the new health care law. Removing the economic barrier to birth control would have a major impact on young people’s lives. Distributing condoms already makes a huge difference — and increasing access to no-cost birth control would have an even broader impact.

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