Sex Panic!: When Educators Are Censors

a panel and Q&A session moderated by Brown Professor of History and Brazilian Studies Jim N. Green, author of Beyond Carnival: Male Homosexuality in Twentieth-Century Brazil

Free and open to the public! RSVP on Facebook!

Can’t make it? Check out our livestream & if you tweet, use #sexpanic hashtag.

Tuesday, May 4th @ 6:00 pm
in Smith-Buonanno Hall, Room 106 (View Map)
95 Cushing Street, Providence, RI 02906

This event is co-sponsored by: SHEEC and QCC

  • Aida Manduley: SHEEC Chairperson
  • Megan Andelloux: Certified sexologist and sex educator
  • Reid Mihalko: Brown alum and presenter on sex and relationships
  • Meitar Moscovitz: Community organizer and technology professional
  • Ricky Gresh: Senior director for Student Engagement at Brown University

What would you do if your organization were criticized for following through with its mission statement? What if you were publicly denigrated, misrepresented, and harassed for your work? What if educators themselves were trying to hamper your attempts at education and empowerment?

Finally, who should have a say in a college student’s sex education?


SHEEC has come under vicious attack due to some (if not most) of the events it has been sponsoring, coordinating, and organizing on Brown’s campus. (For more information on that, check out Aida Manduley’s personal blog and the SHEEC-tagged posts therein.) Thus, the organization’s members have decided to host a panel discussing the role of students, educators, and institutions in regards to censorship, free speech, and the right to organize.

This event will focus on discussing censorship as it relates to sexual education and programming around sexuality issues because we hope to use the panelists’ experiences as “case-studies,” BUT we highly encourage EVERYBODY to attend, especially those who have had similar scary experiences with censorship or those who are curious because they don’t want to have it happen to them.

Come join us in our dialogue!

Though it’s open to the public, Brown students are especially encouraged to attend because we’ll discuss what Brown can do for YOU, and how Brown can protect your rights to hold events. This is CRUCIAL information, especially if you do any sort of “controversial” work on campus.


2 thoughts on “Sex Panic!: When Educators Are Censors

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