Winners of our 2010 Erotica Contest

Our Erotica Contest Committee hath spoken, and here are our winners! Their pieces will be printed in the Spring edition of The Agenda, Brown University’s only journal of queer arts, politics, and culture.

Message from the ECC: “We had so many amazing submissions and were impressed with the variety and creativity of everyone. Brown students’ love for our school and each other were equally apparent.”

WINNER OVERALL: receives an OhMiBod Club Vibe
…for excellent writing, steaminess, and setting at a well-known
location on campus…
“Ashamu Dancers” by The Spicy Puritan

BEST EROTIC POETRY: receives a Cal Exotics bullet vibe
…for innovative rhythm and diction and truly beautiful intimacy…
“A Rush of Blood to the…” by Mirage

…for making a student caller for the Brown Annual Fund sexy and the funniest ending of all the stories…
“Mr. B” by Ilana Rose

…for mentioning lobster bisque AND Grad Center’s heating system…
“E-Ratty-ca: Polynesian Passion” by D.H.

Sponsors: We’d be nothing without you!

You can find them all listed under our “SPONSORS” tab, but we needed to give another big THANK YOU to our sponsors for Sex Week 2010. Without them, we’d have no cool prizes to give away! I’ve been in personal contact with all of them, and let me tell you, they’re fantastic. SHEEC only approves of awesomeness, and these people have the seal of approval.

Kama Sutra Closet


Nexus Range


Spareparts Hardwear


Maui Kink

Tristan Taormino &

Tunti Enterprises

Tabu Toys

Barbara Carrellas

Crashpad Series

Good Vibrations


2010 Sex Week Swag

So here’s a list of some of the stuff you can enter to win at our Saturday raffles. We’ve included brands, prices (usually the lowest we could find, so when something’s expensive, you KNOW it’s more expensive elsewhere) and specs, so click on the links to check out the particular awesome details of each toy. 🙂 We have something for everyone, and usually more than one of each product!
At the raffle, we’ll also be explaining the toys a bit, so consider it a sex toy fair. 🙂

And these are only SOME of the things you can win. Other things include a hot, romantic basket of awesomeness, including candles, a blindfold, fuzzy things, and sex-dice. Seriously. Go to the rest of our events. Who knows, maybe we’ll have surprise raffles. 😉

Get your swag on!

So I know we’ve talked about the raffle a bit, and having sponsors, and all that magical stuff…but now’s the time to make it clear.


Because we want you to win something *YOU* want and is relevant to YOUR sex life (or the sex life you want), we’ll have many “mini-raffles” for specific prizes and gift-bags at our finale event. Read: you don’t enter ONE pool for ALL the toys; you enter many smaller pools where your chances of winning are a) higher and b) more geared to your particular interests.

So, how does THAT work? Tickets come in a pair-form (so it looks like you have “4” tickets). On March 20th, you’ll have a chance to put one half of each ticket-pair into a bag with the prize you want. We will have many bags and we will have descriptions of what you can win by entering each raffle. If you have questions, feel free to ask the people at the selling area.

When we pull out a ticket from a specific bag, if you have the ticket that has the same number, you win that item! The more tickets you have, the more individual raffles you can enter (or the more tickets you can put into a single bag so you have more chances of winning). This is why it’s important that you NOT SEPARATE your ticket pairs until March 20th.


We are selling tickets throughout the week for the BIG RAFFLE on Saturday, March 20th at Salomon 101. Email, or stalk Aida Manduley and tell her to sell some to you. More officially, however, we will have tickets available at most of our events, and SPECIFICALLY on the Main Green on Wednesday, March 17th, from noon to 4:00pm. That day we’ll also be selling sexy baked goods, buttons, and shirts, so bring cash and support sexual health education and empowerment!


Yes, you can! If you are one of the first 25 people at our events, you get one free ticket. But trust me–one ticket is NOT enough.


Aside from the big major raffle with tons of prizes, we are also having smaller ones at certain events. For these raffles at specific events (e.g. Strap-On 101 or Bringing [Safe] Sexy Back), we give tickets for those raffles to EVERYONE in the audience. These are NOT tickets for the big raffle. You will notice the difference because you will have only a HALF of a pair of tickets. Thus, by attending that event, you are automatically in the running to receive whatever specific item is being raffled off.

Capisce? Hopefully yes.



  1. (3/15) At Strap-On 101, we raffled off a blue Tantus Flame (a $17 closeout value if you get it via Tantus)
  2. (3/15) At Making It Work Outside the Box, we raffled off a pink Tantus 02 Rascal (an $84 value at or a $24 closeout value if you get it via Tantus)
  3. (3/19) At Bringing (Safe) Sexy Back…
  4. (3/20) At F*cking Fantasies…
  5. (3/20) At Night of Sex, Toys, and Cabaret feat. The Wet Spots we will raffle off SO MUCH STUFF THAT YOU WON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH YOURSELF. I’ll be writing up a post sometime tonight with a list of some of the prizes you could win, so get excited and be on the lookout for that. 🙂

Sex Week 2010 Buttons

I love buttons. I’ve always wanted a button-making contraption, but those things were expensive and it’s not like I was going to make 1,000 buttons a month, so I never got one.

BUT BROWN HEALTH ED HAS ONE. And they make really cool buttons. Because I chair SHEEC and Sex Week, I get to design some fun ones to hand out (or sell to fundraise? maybe?). Here they are, so look forward to seeing them around campus this coming week! (Hehe, coming week.)


Think Brown is a sexy place? Write your sexiest/kinkiest/funniest piece of erotica and submit it to enter our contest. Winners will receive a prize from one of our Sex Week sponsors and get their story posted (& credited if desired) on the SHEEC website. The only requirement is that you make the setting somewhere on campus. Thinking boy-on-boy,  phe-on-phe, in the SciLi, freshman-on-senior…? Anything goes, just don’t include real first or last names or overly identifying details. Length (of the story, of course) can range from a few lines to a page or two.

Submit your stories to or campus box #2682 by March 18th. Sign them with your real name and/or your campus box # so we can contact you. Winners will be announced at our March 20th closing event in Salomon 101 and they will have a chance to read their piece (or have someone else read it) during the event. Also, The Agenda, Brown’s only journal of queer politics and culture, has agreed to print the top 3 pieces in their Spring issue!

*If you are inclined to make art instead of writing something, go for it. Based on the # of submissions, we’ll pick a winner or something.

Sex Week 2010 Poster

My goals in creating a poster:

  • Wouldn’t imply a certain relationship status
  • Wouldn’t be objectifying and just like any other ad on TV
  • Wouldn’t be heteronormative (and ideally not homonormative, either, which is…not easy to do–most images out there are very either/or)
  • Would simultaneously bring something “non-traditional” to the fore but NOT in a “LOOK HOW RADICAL I AM!” way or in a “LOOK HOW FREAKY THIS IS!” way
  • Would focus on sexuality and sensuality, but in a fun, not intimidating, fashion
  • Re: above, would also not be too explicit or obviously and “traditionally” sexual, so that it could have more interpretations (including “platonic” ones?)
  • Would reflect an air of inclusiveness
  • Would not represent people from just one ethnic group (and this was the hardest to achieve while still trying to keep to the other points; I resolved this issue by making the skin tones a rainbow)
  • Would not glorify a particular body type, especially one that corresponds to the dominant ideas of beauty in the media
  • Would be welcoming and attractive
  • Would hold all the text necessary!