The Beginning

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the brand spankin’ new SHEEC blog.

Stay tuned for updates about our upcoming events and Sex Week 2010.

For you curious folks, here’s the SHEEC mission:

(1) advocate for students’ needs with regards to issues of sexual health and wellness

(2) establish new resources on campus with regard to these same issues

(3) establish a network of communication among campus groups and organizations of similar focus

(4) organize and promote a series of on-campus lectures, screenings, events and workshops

(5) act as a liaison between the student body and administration

(6) promote cross disciplinary event planning

(7) reduce or eliminate a lack of communication among student groups on campus as pertaining to issues of sexuality, sexual health and education

(8) heighten productivity of preexisting student groups by encouraging an atmosphere of cooperation

(9) solve problems by drawing on the talents of a variety of individuals representative of various student groups and organizations.

And some of our past events include:

  • Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Orgasm (Fall ’08)
  • Sex Week 2009 (Spring)
  • Consent Day (with other groups; Fall ’09)
  • KinkForAll Providence (Spring ’10)
  • Get Your Heart On: Sex Educator Showdown (Spring ’10)